What does high thread count sheets cost?


If you are in the market for high thread count bedding sheets, then you are surely going to ask yourself as to what thread count can you consider high and what is a reasonable price to pay?  One of the easiest way to tell if you are buying something genuine is when you look at the price – if someone offers you luxury sheets at cheap discount price then you have to ask how is that possible?  Granted some sellers do operate on very low margin and rely on volume, but you still have a good price range to expect for them.


You can consider anything 600 thread count and up as high thread count sheets.  These sheets are made from finest high quality material that produces smoothest threads.  They have to be priced higher for the quality of work done on them.  The colors they offer are of different matter – that can be your personal choice.  Some people consider 1000 thread count sheets or even 1200 thread count sheets as high but anything below that they don’t consider.  Even if you are in market for high thread count sheets, it does not mean you have to spend a fortune.  You can get some good deals during sales but you must remember that you don’t pay $50 for 1000 Thread Count Sheets anywhere.  That’s just not possible and you are probably not getting that 1200 Thread Count bed sheet in your favorite blue color that you are buying.  What you are getting is some type of microfiber or synthetic material that won’t last long.


You read a lot of reviews on major retailer sites that acknowledge they did not get that 600 thread count sheet that they purchased.  So the question is what is the price range?  The price can vary a lot but a general consensus is that you can expect to pay well above $100 for 1000 thread count and higher sheets.  If some retailers are operating on low margin, then you can expect to pay just above $100 – this probably is a good discount price that you find by shopping around.  For 600 thread count sheets on sale you can expect to pay in the vicinity of $70 and above.  Retailers do charge well above this because they are premium rated and branded.  As for the type of cotton, the Egyptian cotton is considered better, but you can get good price on home grown cotton too.