Twin-XL Sheets


Most college dorm rooms have beds that require twin-xl sheets. Appropriately fitting sheets should be high on the priority list of items to purchase when preparing to move into a dorm. Fortunately, there is an extensive selection of colors and patterns of extra long twin sheets sets readily available. Twin bedding designed to fit a dorm room bed is available in diverse material options and in various prices.

A twin-xl size sheet is designed to be a perfect fit for the mattress in most college dorm rooms. A regular twin size sheet is simply too small. A dorm mattress is about 5" longer than a regular twin mattress. If you try to make a sheet for a double bed work, you will end up with an uncomfortable, unsightly chaotic looking bed. College kids need a comfortable bed to assure they get the restful sleep they need.

Extra long twin sheet sets are available in a variety of thread count options. You can choose from material options such as micro fiber, sateen, cotton, jersey knit and flannel. In addition to material choices, twin-xl size sheet sets are available in animal prints, paisley, floral, geometric and seasonal prints. You can find an extra long twin sheet set in almost any color you desire.

Twin bedding for dorm room beds is available to complement any type of decor that a student might desire. Comforters are available in a wide range of vibrant or subdued colors. You can find a comforter in a pattern to please any student. Pillows and other twin bedding accessories are available to help create an attractive and comfortable bed.

A college student needs several sets of twin-xl sheets in their bedding collection. When you are shopping for a twin-xl size sheet set, you might also want to purchase a twin-xl blanket. A memory foam mattress topper is another item you might want to add to your shopping list. This will make the bed more comfortable.

College students generally like energizing colors and attractive bedding accessories for the dorm room. Creating a comfortable sleeping space is essential. Creating that space with attractive bedding that enhances the atmosphere of the entire room gives a student an inviting place to spend time in each day.