A Guide to High Thread Count Sheets


When shopping for 600 thread count sheets, beware of lower priced bedding that is advertised as high thread count. It could be nothing more than microfiber made with a combination of polyester, nylon and imitation materials. Not only are microfiber sheets unfriendly to the environment, they are not soothing to the skin. In addition, they can be cold in the winter and hot in the summer because they are not natural breathing fibers.

Because the microfibers are often much finer and therefore produce a sense of softness, they at first seem a good imitation of real Egyptian cotton. In addition, their tight weaving gives an impression of durability. However, microfiber sheets are much lighter weight than 600 thread count sheets and have a much shorter life span—thinning and tearing after a short time. While they are fairly resistant to stains, they are often susceptible to static cling, sloughing and thinning.

Many upscale hotels and resorts use Egyptian cotton 1000 thread count sheets because they feel exquisite. Laundering Egyptian cotton 800 thread count sheets improves the softness. In contrast, the microfiber woven sheet loses its softness and becomes less friendly to the touch after each washing. Comfort and durability are forfeited for only a few dollars in savings.

Thread count refers to the number of fibers in a square inch. The number matters because the density is in direct relation to the softness—the higher the count the softer the feel. So an 800 thread count sheet will be much softer and smoother than a 200 thread count sheet.

1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets promise a pampered sleep compared to the inferior cottons and cotton mixes that pill, causing discomfort and irritation. High thread count Egyptian cotton sheets withstand years of wear while continuing to deliver a luxurious sleeping experience.

High thread counts, such as 800 thread count sheets, come in a wide range of colors and sizes, and feel like silk—a quality discerning buyers won’t find in low thread count sheets. When luxury, comfort, and durability are important, high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are the ultimate in luxury.