Fitted Sheets Guide


A bed sheet is designed to protect your mattress and with the right size and color of a fitted sheet, it can add style to an unmade bed. More than that, with the right choice of material, it can contribute to a comfortable sleep.

About Fitted Bed Sheets

Also called bottom sheets, they are used to cover a bed’s mattress. They have an elastic component on all of its four corners to allow it to remain in position over the mattress.

Tips in Choosing Fitted Bed Sheets

• Know the size and depth of your mattress.

The problem people have with some fitted sheets is that they do not stay in place. If they are too small, they are more likely to fall off but if they are too big, they will not give the proper comfort. Most of the available mattresses have a standard length and width. However, they don’t have a standard thickness. It will be difficult to search for a fitted bed sheet that will fit perfectly into thicker mattresses unless you know the exact dimensions of your mattress.

• Choose deep or wide pocket fitted bed sheet for pillow top and thicker mattresses.

It is easier to look for the fitted bed sheets that you need when they are sold individually rather than in a set. Besides, it will be more costly to buy a complete set, which comes with flat sheet, fitted bed sheet, and pillow cases. When choosing individual fitted bed sheets, make sure that they match the color and fabric of the beddings that you already have.

• Look closely at a sheet’s construction and the quality of its elasticity.

The feel of a fitted bed sheet depends on its material, thread count, ply, and weave. The thread count is very important since it determines the quality of the fabric. Smoother sheets come with higher thread count. A softer fabric is made with fine threads. Double ply fitted bed sheets are usually stronger than single ply ones, which are lightweight.

Egyptian cotton is the best kind of material. For winter season, flannel is the best option. Rayon and silk are also fine materials.


To make sure of a better fit, measure the bed before you shop for a fitted bed sheet. Always remember the pocket depth, which suits a pillow-top mattress or one, which comes with a thick pad. While it is important to know the dimensions of your mattress, it is equally crucial to consider the material and thread count of the fitted bed sheet you choose.