Egyptian Cotton Vs Satin Sheets


Of all the odd things trending now, bed sheets are trending. And not just any bed sheets, but 1200 thread count sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets. Both those who can and those who can’t afford them wonder if they are softer and longer wearing than ordinary 200 thread count sheets. Satin sheets are right behind them with people wondering if they are softer than cotton sheets. Let’s take a look at how sheets are made and folks can make up their own minds.


Thread is made from cotton, wool or polyester. Some fibers can be combined to produce a certain effect, such as flannel, which is a blend of different cottons. Satin sheets are made from a combination of cotton, wool, acetate, silk and polyester. Silk is made from silkworm cocoons. When it is unwound, it produces a thread hundreds of feet long. It is then woven into cloth. The fiber of Egyptian cotton sheets, for example, determines its softness and lasting ability.


Textiles are woven on looms using the under and over method. Most weaves use the one under and one over method. Two under and two over weaves produce a rougher textile, but longer lasting. Satin sheets are made using four over and one under which produces a soft textile, but it snags. The thread is packed into the weave at the rate of 180, 200 or 400 threads per square inch. The higher the thread count, the longer the textile will last.

People will wonder how 1200 thread count sheets can be produced. They can’t. The thread count can go up to perhaps 600 to 800 but no more. Producers of 1200 thread count textiles count the individual fibers making up the thread, which is slightly misleading. The textile is no softer or durable than lower thread count items. People are, in reality, getting lower thread count items at double the price.


Textiles requiring finishing in order to prepare them for sale. Singeing is performed to subtract fuzz from the sheets so they won’t pill upon laundering. Mercerizing puts pressure on the textile to test its strength and dye. Textiles are tested for durability and appearance much like other products are tested before release to the public. Keep these points in mind when considering purchasing sheets. Price isn’t really a consideration compared to durability and comfort, for children or adults.