Cotton Bed Sheets Guide


A sheet by any name other than 100% Egyptian cotton leaves something to be desired compared to the treasured satiny softness of an Egyptian cotton. These bed sheets are still the most comfortable sheet on any bed anywhere. Offered in a range of thread counts, the luxurious restfulness of cotton far surpasses other fibers.

A cotton bed sheet set comes in a wide selection to fit all common bed sizes, in colors to fit all décors. Why settle for microfiber or a poly blend when silky, cotton sheets still present the highest quality sleeping comfort on the market today. Unlike manmade fibers, the delicately woven Egyptian cotton bed sheet is breathable. That quality assures a compatibility with your skin and room temperature. Manmade fibers often block fresh air and feel too warm when the temperatures are out of sight. Adversely, they block out warmth feel too cold when the thermometer drops to chilly digits. Not so with Egyptian cotton. Wash these sheet sets and they feel crisp and primed for another luxurious slumber or sleep.

A high thread count bed sheet made of 100% superior quality cotton is more durable, feels smoother, and gets softer each time it is washed. Pamper yourself or select a gift that will be appreciated long after the special occasion is past. The wide hems don’t permanently crease in the wrong places like mixes of poly blend sheets. Sets consist of a sheet formed to fit the mattress and a flat sheet, and accessorized with a set of pillowcases made to fit either a standard size or over-sized. So, for those who prefer a king-sized pillow, you can choose the cotton pillowcase that fits them, too. Most bed sheet sets come in a variety of thread counts. The higher the number, the more significant the maximum level of satisfaction. You spend a lot of time in bed, so choose your bedding wisely. Say goodbye to pilling and sloughing of microfiber sheets. Cotton bed sheet sets pay dividends when it comes to a great night’s sleep. A discriminating buyer chooses the very best, by settling only for Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

The cotton fibers of bed sheets are carefully milled to ensure strength that will last for years. Whether you select a king-size, a queen-size, a California King, or a single twin set, be certain to choose Egyptian cotton for long-lasting durability and comfort.