College Dorm Bedding Guide


Decorating a dorm room should be a fun experience, and it's a time for students to go as crazy as they can with decorations. It's vital to make sure that a few specific items are on the shopping list before an incoming freshman arrives at his or her college and realizes that those bed sheets from the bed at home don't come close to fitting that standard dorm room bed.

Get Extra-Long Twin Sheets

The number one rule that all freshman need to remember is that the beds at college are longer than average and that college dorm bedding must include twin XL sheets. Normal twin size sheets are a few inches shorter than the beds at college, and the packaging for college appropriate sheets will have "XL" printed somewhere.

Purchase Two Sets of Sheets

Even if a college student washes his sheets on a weekly or monthly basis, it's still a good idea to have more than one set. Sometimes a college student might get lazy and fail to wash those sheets for a while, and sometimes a spill or accident might take a single set of bed sheets out of commission.

It's recommended that all college students have at least a few sets of sheets and that a high quality type is purchased since the sheets will go through a lot of wear and tear in a dorm setting.

Stay Away from White Sheets and Blankets

College students tend to sit around on their beds for much of their college experience doing homework, hanging out, and watching television. This means that white bedding will be absolutely covered with pen marks, orange stains from Cheetos, and general dirt picked up around campus. Most college students will sit on their bed instead of at their desk, and so white sheets just aren't a good idea.

There are plenty of twin XL sheets out there that offer a college student the chance to showcase his or her own style in the dorm room, so starting a search early in the summer offers the best chance to get the perfect set of sheets. Back-to-school season is a huge time for sales, so hitting the stores in July and August should offer some great sales on a few sets of dorm sheets.

Choosing the right college dorm bedding doesn't take a degree in rocket science, but following just a few rules should make arrival at the college dorm a little easier and should make the room look festive and personal.