Buying Full Size Sheets and Bedding


A full size sheet comes in two sizes. The fitted full size sheet that fits snugly around the corners of the mattress is 54 by 75 inches, while the flat sheet that goes over it is 72 by 108 inches. Most sheets nowadays are made of 100 percent cotton or a cotton polyester blend, but they can also be made of even more luxurious fabrics like silk, linen and flannel.

A full size sheet, like other sheets, is described by its thread count. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch. Most sheets have a thread count of about 180 to 200, but luxurious sheets can have a thread count of over 300. A super luxurious full size sheet can have a thread count of 1,000 or more. To have such a high thread count, the threads and the way they are woven together need to be extraordinarily fine.

On top of the thread count there are also differences in cotton. The best quality cotton is called long staple cotton. This means that it has a long fiber. This makes the thread both finer and stronger. Egyptian cotton is valued because it has a long staple as does Pima cotton. To really check the quality of a cotton sheet, hold it up to the light. No light should pass through a high quality cotton sheet. Cotton sheets can be machine washed, but since they wrinkle they need to be ironed.

Full size bedding can come in sets of flat sheet, fitted sheet and a couple of matching pillow cases. In the case of full size bedding, pillow cases would probably be about 20 by 30 inches to fit a pillow that’s 20 by 26 inches. This is a standard sized pillowcase.

Other luxuries to go with the 1,000 thread count sheets are comforters and duvets. These also come in full size and measure 60 by 86 inches. A duvet is a comforter but not all comforters are duvets. A duvet is stuffed with down, but a comforter can be stuffed with down, feathers or synthetics. A comforter or duvet should be protected by a cover, which is a bag that can be taken off and machine washed. Blankets and quilts are also part of a full size bedding ensemble. The finest blankets are made out of merino wool and are very warm. But blankets made out of synthetic materials are hypoallergenic, less costly and easier to care for.