Bed Sheets Caring Guide


A few good tips about the care of your cotton sheets can keep them fresh, durable and soothingly comfortable for years to come. There are a few simple things you should know in order to get the most out of your sheets.

Pilling can be a problem with some cotton sheets care. Sheets constructed with short fibers pill more frequently. The longer staple (longer fiber) of Egyptian cotton is stronger and has higher flexibility. These aspects offer a superior cotton sheet. What you see happening with pilling is that the shorter threads are projecting or sticking out. When agitated in a washing machine these short yarns ravel and form little balls—the result is “pilling”. So, especially if you have shorter fiber sheet sets, machine wash using a gentle wash cycle for best sheets care.

The issue of thread is important when discussing the subject of sheet care. While a high thread count delivers a smoother, softer cotton sheet, strength and long-lasting durability also increase when the thread count goes up.

For the best sheets care, change your sheets at least once a week. The pillow cases should be washed more often. Changing them out twice a week is a good plan. Remember, they absorb more oils from your face and hair. It is a great idea to keep two sets of pillow cases for each bed sheet set so that you can rest your head each night on a fresh pillow. It also protects the life of the pillow itself. Note these general guidelines for optimal sheet care:


  • If you want your bed sheets to last and keep their crisp, fresh appearance, don’t overlook the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for cleaning. Those tips are there so that you can get the optimum performance out of your sheet sets.
  • Always pre-treat spots and stains before washing. Otherwise heat from your clothes dryer can set stains permanently. Never use chlorine bleach on your sheets. This weakens the threads shortens the sheet’s lifespan.
  • Wash your sheets on gentle to avoid damage from agitation that is too harsh. For most loads of sheets, warm water or cool water is sufficient. Very hot water tends to break down the sheet’s fibers.
  • When caring for your bed sheets, avoid using the high heat settings on your clothes dryer. Prolonged or over heating damages your cotton sheets—can even permanently set in wrinkles. Tumble dry your sheet sets on a low temperature for best sheet care. Remove your sheets immediately from the dryer to keep from wrinkling. Ideally, it is best to remove them when they are still slightly damp as over drying tends to break down the fibers and thus weaken them. Ironing is okay if you prefer a crisper feel, but don’t use an extremely hot iron.

When your bed sheets appear to be thinning and seem to have lost their body it is time to replace them. Follow these steps for sheets care for a long and comfortable performance.