1000 Thread Count Sheets Buying Guide


The delicate softness of 1000 thread count sheets affords sleepers the ultimate luxurious experience. High thread count sheets are available in all of the right sizes and colors. They are styled for today’s discerning buyer and express the ultimate in restful comfort. The sumptuous high thread count sheets deliver a silky smoothness unparalleled by sheets fabricated with a lower thread count.

So, how are the 1000 thread counts determined, and how do 1200 thread count sheets or 1000 and 1200 thread count duvets differ from lower quality thread count sheets and bed covers? Thread count is calculated by determining how many threads make up each square inch of fabric. Remember the warp and weft of weaving class? Well, the up and down threads are called the warp. The back and forth threads are called the weft. Woven together they constitute the finished work. Then there is the ply—the number of individual strands that form the finished thread. So a 2-ply thread would have two strands making up the thread. However, according to industry regulations the finished thread—no matter how many strands were used to form that thread—must be considered as one when determining thread count. In order to comply with that requirement, manufacturers of high thread count sheets and duvets often choose to use multiple picks (technically multiple threads) to achieve a higher thread count. Consequently, 1000 thread count sheets have 1000 threads (warps and wefts combined) per square inch and 1200 thread count sheets are woven likewise.

Why does thread count matter? Well, when the density of the thread count goes up the softness gets softer and that results in increased sleeping comfort. Whether lying back on a set of 1000 thread count sheets or curling up on 1200 thread count sheets, buyers are impressed by the smooth silkiness unmatched by bedding that has a lower thread denseness per square inch. It is estimated that the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. Is it any wonder that bedding has become such an important component of comfortable living? Complement the richness of high thread count sheets with 1000 and 1200 thread count duvets and coverlets. Select from among a variety of stunning patterns and clear solids, and the ultimate in elegant and luxurious bedding offers a tranquil rest experience at its finest.